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Monday, August 22, 2011

One Thought Too Many....

Somebody once said, “Happiness, is like a butterfly, which when pursued is just beyond your grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly may alight upon you.”

Trust me, it wasn’t me J

But somehow, after yesterday’s rehearsals, ‘Happiness’, ‘Golden butterfly’, ‘Father’s Day’ …. are the words fluttering about in the cheerful, cheerful corners of my mad, mad mind. (It’s been a while since I showed up for rehearsals and wow, did I miss it how! It’s also been a while since I used my head to think and wow, did I miss it how! J)

My 1THoT nominees would be:

1. The visual of Sumit standing on three stools decked one on the other, symbolizing fatherhood (being reluctantly put on a high pedestal). Interestingly, the level of trust the actors (Ranji, Nandini, Vidya) shared was amazing: a slip on Sumit’s side could well be, well….……. simply amazing!!!

2. Ajay’s thought that despite all the commercialization, a day like ‘father’s day’ does prompt us to wish our dad a very, very nice day; something which many of us forget in the usual grind of everyday working life. Adding on to this was Vidya’s portrayal on the ‘perfume for everyone but dad’ which nicely brings out the fact that sometimes, dads are simply overlooked/forgotten. Again, the contrast played by Ranji and Nandini on whether to relocate to home town or ask parents to come over to stay at work city found a personal resonance within me.

3. Hans Raaaj high school (curricular and especially the extra-curricular aspects). J

And the Oscar goes to…….

Well, they’ve all touched a chord within me. First thing I did yesterday after the show was check out when Father’s day is (Google sez it's next Sunday) and I do intend on calling dad and wishing the same. But what the hell, I called dad yesterday and as usual, I couldn't get senti with him. J See we do need a day like Father's Day. (Beer helps too but under the circumstances.....:P)

Both of us, me and the clown in me (we’re doing fine, thank you very much J), are waiting eagerly for OK next week….

Rock on.



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